What We Do.


Real Estate/Property Management Solutions

Two things traditionally make properties difficult to sell or rent, odor and price. Though we are unable to help with the price of the space. We can certainly rid the dirt, dust, mold, and odors left behind. We firmly believe that environmental issues should not impede an otherwise viable deal. Whether leasing, brokering, or managing real estate, we focus on successful solutions.

Property Owner/Occupant Education and Domestic Hygiene Consulting

The Bay Area has transformed into a renters market as single family home construction has all but ceased. Multi-unit dwellings are popping up on every corner. Often times owners have difficulty finding a local, reputable service they can trust with their tenants/workers and their property. As certified indoor environmentalists, our responsibility is to the built structure first. 

We take pride in educating both property owners and occupants on all matters of indoor air quality including cleaning, ventilation, mold, odors, bacteria, and more.

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

What is indoor air quality? According to the EPA, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns.

Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later. Our assessments help to identify and solve problems, translate risk to financial impact and enhance property value.



Buildings leak, windows and plumbing can fail, emergencies happen. For our clients needing remediation we adhere to the Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation, S520, Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and we feature the Benefect® line of ¨green¨ cleaning, and disinfection products. Industry recognized and proven for water damage, fire damage, mold remediation and trauma scene clean up. Our remediation solutions are cost efficient—whether it is a single room, a multi-unit building, or facility.

Monthly BLOG

We believe that professionals are different than experts. Professionals do their best to improve everyday! Our monthly blog serves as our commitment to you our client that we will work to stay on the cutting edge of our industry by providing things you can do to improve your indoor air quality.

Services offered

  • Mold Removal

  • Odors (pet, cultural, board and care facilities)

  • Smoke

  • Bacteria

  • Lead

  • Asbestos

  • VOC´s

  • mVOC´s

  • Assessment and Reporting

  • 3rd-Party Verification

  • Expert witness


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