What do our clients say about us?

Itś easy to tout this and claim that. In our business, we ask those we serve to speak for us, to YOU! Itś that simple. The EB Indoors team values every opportunity to serve.


My tenants had mold concerns. Howard came the next day and was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in his assessment, which immediately put my mind at ease. He even took the time to talk to my tenant later (who was not present for the assessment), and allayed her concerns. I am really grateful for his service, which provided us with peace of mind. Thank you Howard!
— Marcia
I’m an owner here in Oakland with several units. Finding service providers is always hit or miss. I scored with EB Indoors and owner Howard Oliver. I attended a class he taught on mold and odors at the rental housing office. I learned so much I felt comfortable having his company come out and access an issue I’d been having in one of the units. I’d been reluctant to call out a “mold” company. The things you read and heard about paint them as frauds for the most part. I checked Howard’s certifications, the company’s reviews, all highly favored. He performed the assessment with the tenant family and myself present. He fielded all their concerns, provided an overview of the recommendations, and followed up with me for reporting and invoicing, very efficient. His service and report helped defuse a potentially frivolous and costly mold claim. If you’re an owner or a property manager in need of honest help, call Howard.
— R. Campbell, Landlord
We did not know if we had a problem and how extensive it could be. Howard was punctual, courteous, extremely knowledgeable and explained things in a way that we could understand and made us comfortable. He was humble and provided options that would assist us in correcting the problem in our home (which turned out not to be that bad after-all). Howard basically put our minds at ease and went out of his way to give us helpful advice on how to clean up the area and maintain a clean and healthy living space for our family. He was awesome and we would call him again in a heartbeat! - Thanks again!
— Christine
I can’t recommend Howard enough. He stopped by my place for a visual assessment and was kind, professional, knowledgeable (especially about older buildings!), and generous with his time. He was honest and direct, where others have looked to create more business for themselves where it wasn’t actually necessary. He even offered suggestions for how to save money should a similar situation arise in the future. If anyone I know ever has a mold scare, I’ll direct them to EB Indoors!
— R.F.