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Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to spend a few moments with us. East Bay Indoor Environmental is your resource for all matters of creating a healthier indoor environment. Like every month, we strive to give our readers a kernel or two of information to improve and maintain a healthy indoor environment. That includes our homes, offices, and business. As summer is upon us the days are warmer and longer. Some of us break out that ¨to-do list¨ for things around the home or business. Letś talk about flooring.

Carpets are the cup.

Carpet is one of those things that gets overlooked with respect to allergies, upper respiratory issues, fatigue, household odors, etc. Carpets act as the cups of our indoor spaces. All the skin, hair, bacteria that gets tracked in or shed naturally ends up in the fibers of the carpet. Not to mention if you have ever had a water intrusion that caused the carpet to get wet. The industry unanimously agrees depending on severity that wet carpet should always be removed and replaced. Mainly due to the carpet padding underneath. It is very difficult to dry that material thoroughly as it is not designed to be take on moisture.

But I like my carpet, itś comfortable and I vacuum.

Proper maintenance is always at the root of a clean and dry environment. Owners in their own home can certainly take the steps to maintain a cleaner carpet. In the average household of about 2-4 residents, carpet lifespan is usually between 3-5 years. Less with indoor pets. It is by this point that most carpet fibers become old and frayed. Stains will also have sunk in, turning what started out as a pure white carpet into something graying and dull. To get the best life out of your carpets vacuum cleaners that feature a sealed canister HEPA (high efficiency particulate arrestance) filter have a greater capacity to remove allergens from your carpet and upholstered furniture without releasing the contaminants captured back into your environment. If you can't remember how old your carpet is or if your rent, have the high-traffic areas steam cleaned at minimum. Homeadvisor and Thumbtack are good tools to finds service providers near you. There aren't too many businesses with carpet that don't have to have it for for privacy, noise, etc. If you own a rental property we highly recommend a more durable solution than carpet.

Okay, so letś tear the carpet out!

Excellencent choice. If you are the D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) type, safety first! Get a N-95 dust mask, eye protection, gloves, a blade and begin to cut and remove the carpet in sections approximately 3 feet wide by 6 feet long (the sections are going to be heavy). Watch out for those tack strips! Roll the section up, include the padding and set out for disposal. Depending on your structure it will either be hardwood, plywood, pressboard, or some type of material sturdy enough to lay another covering over.


Image one:

On the left, carpeted floor recently steam cleaned. On the right, carpet has been removed, original hardwood flooring underneath. Vinyl plank (lock-in style) flooring being laid over.

Once the carpet and padding has been removed, you can see what type of surface you have underneath. In the image above on the right, you see a home that has removed the carpet/padding and tack strips. Instead of laying down new carpet, they opted for a more durable, easier to clean option called ¨vinyl plank¨ flooring. You simply etch and snap the pieces to fit how you want. You can be creative with the patterns!


Image 2:

Lifeproof Vinyl Planking


Lifeproof is the product used in image 1 (right side). You can pick it up at your local Home Depot. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Highly recommended for income properties, homes, businesses, schools, community centers, churches etc. Low maintenance, easy to clean, great for spaces with plants, pets, and small children.

Okay, carpets out, vinyls in. Can we have some throw rugs?

Now you got it! Once the floor has been replaced. For owners or tenants, feel free to lay down a couple a throw rugs throughout. WIth the vinyl or similar in place of the carpet, you will see how much debris your vacuum was removing. You can ¨swiffer¨ wet or dry to keep it clean. With the throw rugs you can vacuum or some can even be thrown into the washer periodically to help maintain a cleaner indoor environment.

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