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What is #thebetterwaterproject ?

Hello All!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to spend a few moments with us. East Bay Indoor Environmental is your resource for all matters of creating a healthier indoor environment. Like every month, we strive to give our readers a kernel or two of information to improve and maintain a healthy live/work space. This month is coming straight from the desk of the owner. With pride I present to you, #thebetterwaterproject fueled by East Bay Indoor Environmental, Enagic, and the #hydratingforlife team.

“Your body is at least 70% water. But what water are you made of? Not all water is created equal!”

“Your body is at least 70% water. But what water are you made of? Not all water is created equal!”

The #betterwaterproject is our way to increase awareness of the power of consuming good water on a daily basis. Our project begins right here at home in East Oakland, CA as we seek to get our message to the rest of the world. Life begins with water. I’m a Black American male and the son of a career Registered Nurse. If you rather look up the morbidity and mortality rates yourself by all means do so. But one does not need to be a doctor or researcher themselves to know the life expectancy and the quality of that expectancy before the dependence on pharmaceutical medications, dialysis, and cancer therapies for us in economically distressed areas is disproportionately high. Where does the damage begin? Medical professionals will say chronic dehydration. Did you know If you’re chronically dehydrated, you can develop other health conditions. Symptoms such as nausea, headaches, dizziness, and muscle cramping may continue or worsen as your dehydration progresses.

Ongoing dehydration has been linked to: decreased kidney function, kidney stones, hypertension, urinary tract infections, intestinal failure, dementia.

Other factors are the industrial areas that we live and work in, access to knowledge, and lastly what we decide to do with what we learn. Once we know something, it is extremely difficult to “un-know” it. This is the essence of #thebetterwaterproject. I want black and brown people, especially us men to drink our water! Health is wealth, get your bag! Would we rather “look” rich and be in poor health? I urge US to purchase the units and share the water with our family and friends. For as little as $50 a month you can own your own unit and never buy bottled water again! (If done properly, its a write-off!)


The best of us buy bottled water understanding that the water coming in from EBMUD is safe because its chlorine filtered to achieve this. Chlorine is an oxidizer, a disinfectant. Better this than unfiltered water which most certainly would contain bacteria and viruses. Either way not the best thing to drink at the frequency needed for hydration at the cellular level. Properly hydrated cells function at an optimum allowing for proper growth and defense.  So we buy bottled water. Do we buy enough? How long did that water sit in the container? “Captured at the source” is what the commerical’s say right? We love Chef Curry but the Brita systems do only what they claim. They filter out that chlorine and other contaminants but it doesn’t add benefit to the water. Ever heard of Essentia or “electrolyte” water? Studies show that Alkaline water can be beneficial under the right circumstances. That water is kind of pricey though... What if you could create that alkaline water from the water you’re already paying the utility for?

IMG-4660 (1).JPG

Enagic + The #hydratingforlife team + EB Indoors = WIN!

As a company EB Indoors addresses and remediates potential hazards in the indoor environment that could impact the health of the structure and its occupants. I admit I hadn't given much thought about the water until a few months ago. I was introduced to the Enagic movement and the alkaline water called “Kangen” or  the 9.5 pH drinking water produced by the machine you see in the image by a mutual friend.

He offered me some water to try. The water actually tastes good, I really liked it. I was already guilty of buying bottled water by the case and the environmental impact of doing so. Nor was I drinking half my weight in ounces as is the recommended minimum. Here’s a fun fact, children 5-8 years old are recommended to drink one (1) liter of water per day or 33.8 ounces. 9-13 years old should drink one and one half (1.5) to two (2) liters, let’s call it 68 ounces. Adult females one half (.5) to one (1) gallon, adult males one full gallon. A gallon of water is 128 ounces. Your 24 pack of bottled water times 16.9 ounces is 405 ounces. At this rate a single adult male should buy a case of water every 3 days…

I was familiar with pH water that cost a lot more. While I did my research I kept asking my friend for water. I was getting refills every other day almost. He explained how his team was spreading the health and wealth benefits of the water throughout the bay area and beyond. I came to learn that not only could one ensure a better quality of life by drinking better water daily, I could distribute the machines if I saw the value. To make a short story shorter, I acquired my unit about a month a go. Here’s a photo of Greg my sponsor #hydratingforlife team, myself, the Leveluk SD 501 on installation day and some of the #thebetterwaterproject samples we’ve given to the community.

I’m one of East Oakland’s own. I want to see all people thrive, not just survive. For me, charity begins at home. I am in no financial position to be as philanthropic as I desire, EB Indoors is in start-up phase not to mention a host of other hurdles, but I believe, scratch that I know people need better water. When you know something, it's hard to “un-know” it. My quest has already begun. Drink the water, buy a machine, give the water, sell a machine, rinse and repeat. Will you join us? Let’s help our community help itself.


Howard E. Oliver, Jr.

East Bay Indoor Environmental, LLC.

Owner & Operator

#thebetterwaterproject fueled by enagic, east bay indoor environmental, and the #hydratingforlife team. Search the hashtag on instagram for more detail!

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Stop buying bottled water! Let us show you how! Send us an email, in the subject write #thebetterwaterproject or message us on social media.

If you want to sample the water for 14 days and live in Oakland or surrounding areas give us a call at (510) 395-5917, we’ll get your bi-weekly delivery scheduled (limited to first 15 families)

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